Getting into the Spirit

Kudos to my friend Don Russell, aka Joe Sixpack.  Don is a great beer writer and one of the creators of Philly Beer Week   Anyway, in his last weekly column entitled, “Eat, Drink and be Generous” Don wrote the following:

“WITH THE HOLIDAYS approaching, my thoughts are on eating good food with great beer. As usual, I have a bunch of suggestions. But first, I want to make a pitch to support those who don’t have enough to eat.

This season, I’m partnering with Philabundance, the city’s food bank, to drive hunger from our community. It’s a very simple program that I’m calling Eat, Drink & Be Generous, and it works like this: The next time you buy a sixpack, I want you to plunk down an equal amount to help buy food for the needy.

Just head to and click on the Philabundance link.

It doesn’t matter how much you give, whether you’re matching a $6.99 sixer of Yuengling or the $35 you just laid out for a pick-a-six selection of exotic imports at your local deli.

The point is: Whatever you think of beer, it is a nonessential item, at least when compared with the loaf of bread or gallon of milk for a family who cannot afford groceries.

Donating some of your beer money so someone else can eat is a reasonable and generous gesture, a neighborly step toward building a better community.”

To go straight to the Philabundance site and make a donation click here.

Way to go Joe Sixpack for reminding us all about what the Holidays are supposed to be all about- gratitude!


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