Easter Beer_007I made it.  40 days of Lent without booze.  I know that this “achievement” hardly equates to summiting Everest, but I am proud anyway.  I have a lot of thoughts, insights and reflections to share with you, but these will come in next week’s post.   What I wanted to share with you now was how I broke my fast.

After the Great Vigil of Easter, after which it is officially Easter, I walked into my house about 9:30 on Saturday evening.  Once I carefully hung my work clothes back up, the first order of business was breaking my beer fast.  I actually had been thinking about this for a while now…. with well over a hundred different beers in my cellar to choose from, the task was challenging.  How would I like to celebrate?  Since I had to be up and on my game at 6 the next morning I knew I had to limit my choice to just a few.

I ended up starting with an Orval from 2011, a Trappist ale from Belgium.  Dry, hoppy and just plain wonderful, this was a great way to start.  I forced myself to take my time and savor it, which, even though Orval is hardly a beer for chugging, still wasn’t all that easy.

For the next choice I opted for something much closer to home, a fresh Nugget Nectar from Troegs.  One of the all time greats this “Imperial Amber” is a bit bigger than most IPA’s and the hops just sing.

My final beer of the evening was chosen as much for its name as for its style.  Deliverance from Lost Abbey is super dark and malty and carries lots of flavor notes from both bourbon and brandy barrels.Easter Beer_001

When paired with my Easter Eve tradition of watching the Ten Commandments (Oh Moses, Moses!) the evening was relaxing, satisfying and joyful.

I thank you for your thoughtful comments, well wishes and prayers.


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