A Rabbi, a Priest and a Minister Walk into a Bar…

rabbi-priest-minister-finalAs you may have read in this previous post, I have been working on my first truly public beer and faith event as part of this year’s Philly Beer Week.  Working with friends and fellow clergy, Rabbi Eli Freedman and Rev. Bryan Berghoef, we will be talking about different ways in which we see confluence where so many others see schism and, more importantly, how we create opportunity where others choose to see threat.

The event will be upstairs at Fergie’s Pub.  After some introductory remarks we plan for each of us to spend about 10-15 minutes talking about how we came to see beer, not just as something to enjoy but as something that can enhance our spiritual lives.  We will then take questions and encourage discussion.  The event is very laid back so if you can’t be there spot at 3 pm please do still come.

Thanks to publican and philanthropist extraordinaire Fergus Carey for hosting us!

Details on the event are as follows                                                                          Where: Fergie’s Pub   1214 Sansom Street, Philadelphia                                      When:   June 8th,  3 pm till 5 or later if the discussion is still going

We hope to see you there and I will be reporting on how it all went next week.


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