Where haven’t I been?

For those of you who are still bothering to read my blog, let me first offer a word of thanks.  As of today, I will be returning to my usual weekly posts.

20130709_184837By way of explanation this summer has been a whirlwind of travel closely followed by frantic bouts of trying to catch up with work.  I realize that the “I’ve been too busy” excuse is about as credible as telling your teacher that the dog ate your homework.  We’re all busy.

In any case, as I did in my last post, I will be detailing many of these adventures in beer, travel and hospitality in the weeks to come.  But just to give you a thumbnail here are some of the highlights.

My parish celebrated fourth of July with amazing pulled pork from Tom Bera of Blind Pig and washed it down with 2 different sixtels of homebrew.Albania 2013 (24.3)

I ate roast lamb (including a lamb based gelatinous dessert that tasted like lamb, honey, cinnamon and soap)  in Albania washed down with a beer called Stela (meant to be confused with but definitely not Stella Artois).

Amid the glory of Rome I sampled an amazing variety of beers, made friends with an Irish ex-pat who runs one of the best bottle shop in the whole country and ran into friend and fellow beer lover Fergus Carey.

I made my first pilgrimage to Hill Farmstead in northern Vermont for a special limited edition bottle release of The Genealogy of Mortals and Phenomenology of Spirit (two awesomely named beers).  I also filled three growlers with some of the best IPA’s I have ever tasted.

From there it revisiting our collaboration with Rabbi Eli Freedman as his congregation joined with mine to brew a very special interfaith Saison we are calling “Ecclesiastes 3:1.  To everything there’s a Saison.” But building the bonds of fellowship over a brew kettle is just the beginning.  We plan to deepen those bonds of common faith when we debut this beer at Congregation Rodeph Shalom’s Sukkot celebration later this month.

Later in August I shared beer with fellow pub theologians Bryan Bergheoff and Michael Camp while standing in ankle deep mud at the Wild Goose Festival in Hot Springs, NC.

No sooner did I return from that trip then it was off to DC where I got the band back together with Bryan and Rabbi Eli to reprise our “A Rabbi, a Priest and a Minster walk into a bar” gig at a sold out Dr. Granville Moore’s.

I wrapped up my summer travel with a trip to Adamstown, PA for flea marketing and a visit to Stoudt’s Brewery.  Carol and Ed Stoudt not only turn out excellent beers but also offer a top notch restaurant and world class hospitality.

So that is how the dog ate my homework, I mean, why I haven’t been blogging much this summer.  I promise to do better and maybe even squeeze in an extra credit assignment or two.


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