What beer says “Christmas” to you?

homer shirtYears ago my kids got me this t-shirt.  I loved it so much that I have since worn it out so completely that it got retired to the cleaning rag pile.  Nevertheless it made an indelible link between Christmas and beer in my mind.

As of now Christmas is only a week away.  It is a busy and a hectic time for all of us, particularly for those of us in the God business.  Yet, in the midst of all the rushing around and frantically trying to get work done, I must confess that my mind has started to wander to the all important question of what beers will I enjoy on Christmas?

So where do we begin.  Well, I don’t usually go in for many “Christmas” beers per se, especially the ubiquitous notion that all one needs to do to in order to make it a “Christmas” beer is to throw a buttload of cinnamon and other spices in.  Of course there are exceptions- Sierra Nevada Celebration is a kickass IPA that I wish they made year round.  Corsendonk Christmas is very tasty and the 12 Beers of Christmas series from The Bruery (currently on Six Geese A Laying) is always inventive and interesting.

But truth be told none of these make the list of beers that I plan my Christmas celebrations around.

So here goes: For dinner on Christmas Eve I usually go with a Yorkshire Stingo.  Since I have mass a hour later I only have one.  From there it is no rest for the wicked until the last parishioners have left after  our “midnight” Mass (which like most everywhere else doesn’t start at midnight anymore).  But by the time I sit down in my living room it is about 12:45 on Christmas morning and I am looking to indulge in something luxurious.  I am planning on a 3 year old Dogfish Immort to pair with some gorgeous cheeses while I de-stress and chat with my lovely wife and a few friends followed by an Odin’s Tipple as a nightcap.

beer_santahatBut the real event comes later on Christmas Day.  Once I have officiated at Christmas morning services I promptly get back into my pj’s.  Once I have finished my second cup of coffee it is time to pop open the first of many tasty offerings for the day.  A two year old Rochefort 10 sounds like the way to start.  Next comes Bruton 10.  Then after we have brought some order to chaos of wrapping paper and boxes, I will choose a barrel aged Eclipse from 50/50 to wind down the day.

What about you?  What beery treasures will break out  to celebrate the day?  Let us know in the comments.  But whatever it may be, I hope you choose to enjoy some of the best you can best and that you get to share it with family and friends.


2 thoughts on “What beer says “Christmas” to you?

  1. I’m going to be drinking some ice cold Presidente on Christmas Day, and maybe some Brugal rum. Will be in the Dominican Republic and don’t really have much choice. Do what the locals do…

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