Happy New Beer!

After the taking the week off for Christmas I thought it was important to get back to writing.  As our celebrations and indulgences wrap up I find myself looking at my cellar and wishing I had seized the opportunity to break into more of my cherished “reserve” bottles of barleywine and barrel aged treasures something I wrote about here).  As it was I didn’t drink enormously over the holidays and tackling a 24 oz bottle of 11-14% ambrosia on my own is a serious commitment.

Last night as I was getting ready to toast the arrival of 2014 I found myself pondering what beer would perfectly suit the occasion.  I mentally flipped through the rarities I was saving but found nothing compelling.  I found myself drawn to an old and consistent favorite- Rochefort 10.  It was the ideal segue way from the dry champagne we had started with and it’s familiarity allowed me to savor without forcing me to be too analytical. DSC_1423

Today I find myself wanting to start the New Year off an equally positive and delicious note.  With my reluctance to crack open any treasures still firmly in mind, I will confront that reticence head on.  After supper I will open my one truly vintage bottle of Thomas Hardy’s from 1989 as a first step towards overcoming the neurosis that makes me think that my best bottles are somehow too precious to be enjoyed but instead need to be hoarded away for some mythical “someday” that may never arrive.

How will you celebrate the New Year?  What bad habits (beer related or otherwise) will you strive to overcome?  Whatever the case may be I wish you a blessed and healthy 2014!


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