My daughter is going to see One Direction. Where did I go wrong?

Since 7 am this morning my daughter has been up carefully laying out her outfit, getting her hair dye ready and offering incense to the shine of picture covering one whole wall of her room.  She has been looking forward to this day since January.  For tonight she will travel to Citizens Bank Park to worship at the altar of  the scourge known as One Direction.


I confess am baffled.  From the time she was little I fed her a carefully chosen diet of music that ranged from the Decemberists to classic funk to Halestorm.  Yet somehow, in spite of this nurturing, she has now devoted herself to this latest incarnation of the universal parental bane otherwise known as the “boy band.”  Where did I go wrong?


It’s not that I object to pop.  I had no problem with her first concert when she went to see P!nk last year.  I was fine with her plans to see Lady Gaga (sadly the concert was cancelled).  But what I fail to understand is why a group of 5 teen boys singing insipid drivel can whip a stadium of 42,000 teen girls into an utter frenzy.  I am not blind to the sexual dynamic here, but I just don’t get the appeal of the whole genre.


So I turn to you gentle reader.  What’s a father to do?  What is it about boy bands that make our daughters act like this?  How should I respond?  Can anyone help me?  Parents?  Former boy band groupies who are now in recovery?  Please post your comments and above all, pray for me.


UPDATE: I edited the post a bit because in retrospect I realized that I wasn’t simply expressing my own bafflement. I was making fun of my daughter.  No matter what I think of One Direction that’s not cool.  While I still don’t find what there is to like in the music she had a great time going to her first concert on her own and as a parent I am most grateful for that.


4 thoughts on “My daughter is going to see One Direction. Where did I go wrong?

  1. I have no experience. My daughter won a writing contest with an essay entitled “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Who.”

  2. Like Lew, one of my proudest ‘Mommy Moments’ was then 8 year old daughter responding to a friend’s comment that HER birthday was the same as Taylor Swift’s with, “That’s great. My birthday is the same as Keith Richard’s from The Rolling Stones.”

    That said, though her first concert was Jackie Green, Chris Robinson, and Bob Weir at the Ryman in Nashville, her 9 year old self also wants to go see Disney’s R5, so … your pain is being felt.

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