No Room in the Trunk? No Problem!






When it comes to packing the car I am a master.  To me it is a challenge like a jigsaw puzzle… I love to try to get all the pieces put together in the most efficient way possible. As a result I can squeeze more bags into the small trunk of our Mazda 3 than anyone else I know and still manage to leave room to see out of the rear view mirror.  This skill comes in handy, not just in terms of packing for vacation, it is also useful to visiting breweries.

Two weeks ago I undertook my annual pilgrimage up to see family in Vermont and Rhode Island.  As you may know Vermont is particularly rich in great local beer, most of which cannot be found outside the state.  Many times I have come back with bottles squeezed into every available nook and cranny of the car.  Once I managed to pack in two cases of Heady Topper in addition to everything else.

Although I did not get to many breweries on this trip I still had more than 3 cases of beer to squeeze in amongst our bags.    Below is a list of the beers I brought back:

Berkshire: Czeck Pilsner and Lost Sailor IPA

Foolproof: Backdraft IPA, Raincloud Robust Porter

Grassroots: Arctic Saison (Hill Farmstead and Anchorage), Arctic Soiree (Hill                 Farmstead and Anchorage), Black Nitro (Hill Farmstead and Amager)

Longtrail: Imperial Pumpkin

Switchback: Extra Pale Ale

Wachusset: Larry Imperial IPA

Trinity: IPA

Mystic: Saison, Table Beer, Day of Doom

Woodstock: Double Pig’s Ear Double Down Brown Ale

Graysail: Flying Jenny EPA, Flagship

Newport: Storm IPA

If you’ve ever had any of them, let me know what you thought.  So how much beer have you managed to squeeze in the car?  Solo trips or with just a beer buddy don’t count.   No, I want to know how many bottles and growlers have you packed among all the kid’s luggage coming back from your road trip?  Let us know below.


DSC_3196 DSC_3198


One thought on “No Room in the Trunk? No Problem!

  1. Got stopped coming back from Quebec at a border crossing in rural Vermont. Guy gives me the gimlet eye and some line about “Not many people use this crossing; let’s see what you’ve got in the back.” Well, okay…I slid back the cargo cover on the Jetta wagon to display wall-to-wall Unibroue specialty bottlings, including a 3-liter bottle of Maudite in a presentation box. The guy was so jaw-dropped he forgot to assess me for the duty!

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