Happy New Beer!

happy_new_beer_by_sasquatchpurple46-d36a6t82014 has been a banner year for this priest in large part thanks to you my faithful readers and supporters.  This year saw the Biblical Brew Off, the return of So A Rabbi, Priest and a Minister Walk into a Bar and most recently the debut of Gingerbread Jesus.


It was gratifying that such goofy exploits drew serious coverage in Philly Beer Scene, on CBS Philly and in national publications, Draft and All About Beer.


Looking back there is so much to be thankful for.  Yet as great as all this has been I look forward with even greater anticipation to all the promise held by 2015.  It’s too early to know exactly what is coming up but I know it will be great.


More importantly, what are your great beer memories of 2014?  What are looking forward to tasting in the year to come?  For me personally it will be checking out the great breweries of Salt Lake City- this city that was once a beer desert now boasts Uinta and many others… I look forward to checking them all out when I am there for the triennial General Convention of the Episcopal Church in late June.


What about you?  What beer do you just have to taste?  What beer destination is on your calendar for 2015?  Please share with us in the comments!


Whatever it is I hope it exceeds your expectations and that you enjoy a safe, blessed and healthy New Year!

Gingerbread Joy




The rubber mallet felt heavy and the tap was awkward as I tried to position it for a clean hit.  Thanks to judicious venting and some luck the tap went right in without spraying me or any of the rest of crowd gathered around the bar.  After blessing the keg, I poured the first glass of Even More Ginger Gingerbread Jesus.  The fresh ginger permeated the aroma as I passed a glass to Erin Wallace and together we officially toasted the launch of Gingerbread Jesus at Barren Hill Tavern.



DSC_3625From there about 20 of us, including members of St Tim’s, fellow clergy and even Dave Wilby from Dawson Street Pub, adjourned to the side room to sing carols.  Accompanied on accordion  by Brian Biggs we sang our way through a number of carols while sipping GBJ and a number of other excellent beers.  While the carols were not always on key we were helped along by members of the St Tim’s choir and by the big voice of Lew Bryson.   This drew in the occasional patron who stuck their head in the door to see what in the heck was going on.


In terms of the beer itself the consensus was that the fresh ginger in the Even More Ginger version was a little overpowering.  Our solution was to mix the firkin and the draft versions.  The result was a balance of the fresh ginger, spices and the base beer which was quite pleasing and very festive.  While the firkin is now gone you can still get your own taste of GBJ through the holidays at Barren Hill.  We are already planning on how to make it even better next year so stay tuned.


Thanks again to Erin, Scott, Rick, Andrew, Dave, Brian and everyone else who has helped to make this crazy idea a reality!






Come celebrate with Beer and Carols!

gingerbread jesus

Hope you can join us at Barren Hill Tavern tomorrow for the official launch of Gingerbread Jesus– our special holiday collaboration brew.  To celebrate the occasion there will be a special firkin with extra fresh ginger and we will be singing Christmas Carols while sipping away at some GBJ.

Hope you can join us!