What’s Better than Jesus?

It seems like a trick question doesn’t it?  Naturally the answer could only be even more Jesus.  And on Easter 2015 this was both a theological and a beer-o-logical truth at the rectory.

First let me begin with an apology for my absence.  You would think that once Easter is over all we priests can get back to our usual schedules of working one day a week.  Sadly, this is not the case.   Because no sooner do we catch our breath from Holy Week and Easer than we are confronted by the mountain of work we set to the side in order to deal with Holy Week and Easter in the first place.  So please forgive the lack of new content.

But getting back to Easter, you may recall this year it marked not only the holiest day in DSC_4199the Christian calendar but also the end of my alcohol fast.  So how to celebrate?  Well once the Easter services and family meal were over I opted for Evil Twin’s, Even More Jesus and a fine Cuban cigar (specifically a limited edition 2011 Hoyo De Monterrey petit torpedo).

From the moment I spotted the bottle I knew this had to be my Easter beer.  I don’t usually go in for a bottle just because of its name or label art, but every once in a while one just grabs my attention.

That was certainly the case for this Imperial Stout.  The color was suitably dark and the mouthfeel was pleasantly thick.  It was rich with coca, dried fruit and coffee yet for me what set it apart from the many other good Imperial Stouts I’ve tried was the level of smokiness.  This was not only pleasant on its merits but also helped the beer fuse beautifully with the cigar.

Now it should be noted that EMJ clocks in at 12% ABV so it took me about 3 hours to finish off the 22 oz bottle but that was just fine by me.  I was in no hurry.  My work for the day was done.  Hymns had been sung and incense swung.  Eggs gathered by adorable children and many hands shook.  Food prepared, table set and family fed. Jesus had risen and I was truly blessed to be surrounded by family and friends.  What better way to celebrate than with even more of the same.


One thought on “What’s Better than Jesus?

  1. wow! Great read, really made me think… I will definitely be coming back to your blog for another article in the future. Until then, Much Love and Many Blesssings! ❤

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