The Blog is a Cruel Mistress

As you may have noticed I haven’t written anything for a long time.  Or perhaps you didn’t notice because you unsubscribed and you know what, I wouldn’t blame you.  Each week when Wednesday would roll around I would stop and think, “Kirk!  You have to write something!”  Then invariably I would find something else that required my attention and before I knew it, it would be Friday.   So I’d hit myself in the head and say, “You have to write one next week.”  This pattern went on for so long that I actually started to wonder if I’d ever get back to it.

Well as you can tell, today I finally did.  Along the way I spent some time trying to figure out why I put it off for so long,  Truth be told, I’m not really sure.  I’m busy, but no busier than usual.  I still like to write, especially when it’s not a committee report or another sermon.  As you’ll see in the coming weeks I still have lots of stuff to write about. Cracking-the-Whip-1

Maybe I just needed a break.  Way back when I first started this blog a wise friend told me, “You know, having a blog is a lot like having a mistress.  It’s great at first but eventually it’s just one more thing you have to do that makes you tired.”  For the record, I have no idea whether or not this is actually true, but it sure makes sense in theory.

Whatever the reason, I’m back and recommitting myself to churning out posts on beer, music, God and all that other good stuff.  For now let me thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy all that I have to share about recent concerts, the return of the Biblical Brew Off, how fasting from beer for Lent got me thinking differently about drinking, and lots more.  See you next week!


3 thoughts on “The Blog is a Cruel Mistress

  1. Cool post … Wonder whether you have ever thought of the blog as a spiritual discipline… Similar to saying the Daily Office … Would that make liberating or put more pressure on you?

    • @ Chris- that’s a good and healthy way to approach it. The challenge for me is that if I start to make it feel more like work, as opposed to an escape from same, it may become less attractive. Ultimately I’m not sure though. Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. I just discovered this blog, and I say keep going!! I’m a Catholic who also loves beer, and music! I’ll keep reading if you keep writing! Check out my blog as well, if you have a chance (with all your free time!). Cheers!

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