Thoughts on beer, music and the thirst for something more.

I know, I know, the title sounds like  a joke.  But this blog, although not without humor, is anything but.  Several years in the making it arose out of a curious phenomenon; many times when I went to a bar, concert or beer festival and people learned that I was a priest their attitude and demeanor would often change, sometimes dramatically.  Occasionally folks could be a bit incredulous but most of the time, once they got over the initial shock, their reaction was positive.  At times they were even touched by the realization that the beer or music that they loved so much is actually OK with God.

This cultural and theological dynamic was so prevalent that I decided to dig deeper by intentionally courting and observing it.  Now whenever I go to a bar or a concert, I try to look at things, not just from the standpoint of a customer or a fan, but also as a theological observer.  I sometimes wear my clergy shirt with the express purpose of inducing the reaction I described above.  Of course not every occasion yields something worth writing about but more often than not I find something that catches my attention.

This is not to say that the content of this blog will always be overtly spiritual.  Being a committed beer geek I will sometimes write only about beer.   Other entries may not deal with beer at all.  And on occasion I will look beyond my own experience and explore the historical relationship between beer and the church.

Whatever the case I sincerely hope you find it entertaining and perhaps even thought provoking.  I welcome your questions and comments.

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